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Learn how to use Manage Subscriptions and use My Subscriptions

Here you can learn to manage which People, Content and Communities you would like to follow.


Manage Subscriptions

Once logged on to Apple Support Communities, visit your mini profile and select Manage Subscriptions.

Screenshot 1.png


Learn how to see which People you currently follow and select which members you would like to start or stop following.


Select People.

Screenshot 2.png




Select Following to see who you are following based on your preferences.

To stop following a community member, select Following.

Select Followers to see who is following you.

To follow other community members, visit the People area.

Screenshot 3.png




Here you can search for people and select Follow to add their updates to your subscriptions.




To manage what Content you are currently subscribed to and change your preferences, select Content.

Select Following to see what content you are currently following.  Note that any thread to which you reply will automatically subscribe you to that thread.

You can select Following to end a subscription to a thread.

Screenshot 4.png





You can search for threads to follow.

You can subscribe to a thread from any thread page.  Simply select Follow.

Screenshot 5.png






Manage your subscriptions to specific Communities.

Screenshot 6.png


You can select Following to stop following a Community.

Screenshot 7.png


You can search for communities to follow.

You can subscribe to a community from any community homepage.  Simply select Follow.

Screenshot 8.png




My Subscriptions

This feature is available to Level 4+ community members.


You can find the My Subscriptions link in the top right menu of any logged in Apple Support Communities page.

My Subscriptions.png

Clicking this link will bring you directly into your subscriptions feed.


Here you can see the communities and threads that you currently follow.


To follow a community or thread, you can click follow in the upper right area of the thread or community.

Screenshot 5.png

Screenshot 8.png

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